Selling Tips

Preparation Of Property For Sale

At Inglis Property Macarthur we understand that the first impression of your home is of great importance in building the emotions of potential purchasers. Therefore to assist in its preparation we have included the following checklist that will guide you through the areas that we believe need to be considered before either photos are completed or any home is presented to the market.


  • Spring clean house including windows, walls, remove cobwebs, carpets, wash curtains & blinds & tidy cupboards Freshen up the house – important that house smells fresh andclean
  • Arrange to store excess furniture and toys (very important) – an uncluttered house looks larger and more inviting
  • Clean garage and any out buildings
  • Ensure repairs have been done to house – use a handy man to carry them out if necessary
  • Consider repainting walls that have been badly marked or stained – it is best to choose neutral colours
  • Gardens, mow, water and fertilise lawns
  • Trim trees and shrubs, water gardens
  • Clean pool
  • Tidy sheds
  • Remove all rubbish around the garden – arrange a trip to the rubbish tip
  • Clean outside walls of the house
  • Clean gutters & eves
  • Wind up garden hoses
  • Store pets bedding and kennels out of sight

For the photographer

  • Light the fire (or fires)
  • Open all blinds & curtains
  • Turn on internal lights
  • Remove washing from clothes line
  • Put everything personal away – no lines of shoes at the front door etc
  • Ensure that cars are put away or parked away from the front of the house
  • Mow the lawn, tidy hoses, pool, put away pool toys etc
  • Clear the kitchen benches of all ornaments and personal things on the day when your property is open for inspection
  • Ensure all blinds and curtains are open
  • If house is dark, put lights & lamps on
  • The house must smell fresh – air the house well prior to inspection, don’t use commercial air fresheners
  • Ensure house is clean, tidy and uncluttered
  • Have fresh flowers in the house
  • Arrange temporary boarding for your pets, or at least have them restrained
  • Go out with your family during inspection time