Buying Tips

1. Write down the locations where you’d really like to live.

2. Think about the lifestyle factors you are seeking in your future home.

3. Do you want to be out of town on acreage or close to or in town on smaller acreage?

4. Are you more interested in a suburban block with minimal up keep?

5. How important is it for you to be within say 15 minutes of shops and schools?

6. Do you want to be able to “just move in” or are you willing to renovate the property?

7. Do you want district views. perhaps a water outlook or are you happier with a more private and enclosed environment?

8. Is space for family activities such as horses, motorbikes or bushwalking important?

9. Lifestyle requirements are critical so think carefully about what every member of your family is looking for.

10. Know what you can afford to pay and make sure you have a valid pre approval for finance before you start to negotiate. decided on where you want to be and which property you would like to live in then make sure your Agent is made aware of your requirements. They can match these requirements with currently listed properties or properties yet to be listed for sale. The more information about your requirements you can share with your Agent the better service they can provide to you.