1. Commercial 2016 in Review

    Market Commentary
    The commercial property market is generally very healthy at the moment. Demand for properties for purchase is particularly high, while supply is slightly limited. For sellers, there is greater demand for smaller units – around 200-250 sqm – than larger units, which suffer from higher prices. In this regard, there are more properties available to rent than buy in the current climate.

    For those looking to let or rent, square meter rates are sitting around $120/sqm. Looking to selling and purchasing, there is evidence of square meter rates sitting at no less than $24

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  2. Residential 2016 in Review

    Market Update
    2016 has proven to be a significant year in the residential property sector, characterised by steadily increasing housing prices, slightly stagnating rental prices, and an oversupply of property.

    Residential Review
    Somewhat surprisingly, there has been an increase in activity in the rural market. While growing developments have provided a steady stream of properties, it would appear that buyers are more interested in the increasingly rare commodity of larger lots. Substantial lots in the vicinity of 1000 sqm are quick to sell, while comparatively smaller lots – those around

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  3. Property Management 2016 in Review

    The team at Inglis are proud to offer a distinctive service when it comes to property management. With decades of experience in the industry, our property managers have the know-how and expertise to oversee a wide variety of property management needs. Our Senior Property Manager, Fia Foglia, has over 17 years experience in the industry, and is a long-standing team member, having been with Inglis for 7 years.

    Our team stands apart with our personalised approach to property management, and are committed to providing a one-on-one service to all of our clients. With a range of expertise on team I

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