1. Things have been quietening down this month as Christmas draws near. Over the years we have observed that people in the residential market do behave differently as the clock ticks down to the 25th! We find that decisions are not made on the spot at this time of the year and are being left until the New Year.These behaviours are quite common in the market through December and January however after the real estate boom we saw this year we are very interested to observe how the market reacts from February onwards.

    Into 2016 we are also looking forward to monitoring how the investor market performs. In 2015 we saw the investor market taper off as sales increased and the return for investment did not.

    This year we have noticed buyers are searching for those slightly larger blocks. We have seen a huge increase in residential housing estates offering smaller blocks yet demand at Inglis has risen for those areas like Elderslie offering larger blocks very close to Camden. There has also been increased demand for areas like Grasmere, Ellis Lane and Orangeville. As once rural areas like Bringelly are being built out, residents looking to move away from the development and are relocating to still rural local areas.

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